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Tommy Rico

"No matter how many times a comic rakes themselves over the hot coals of self-loathing, sometimes you reach the point where analysis of your own act becomes a fruitless endeavor. After many years of performing stand-up with modest success, I felt trapped on a plateau that I couldn't navigate myself off.

I decided that after 15 years of performing stand-up, I wanted to take my first-ever comedy class with Bobbie Oliver. I couldn't have gone into the experience any more jaded regarding the validity of comedy classes, and I couldn't have finished being more enriched and impressed by her methods.

You may want to work on technical nuts-and-bolts, connecting with your audience, calming your stage fright, blasting through writer's block, finding your true voice, or all of those things, (or none of those things). Whether a comedian goes into Bobbie's class with specific goals or not, she's wonderful at identifying the needs of her students and tailoring their education individually.

Bobbie Oliver is masterful at dealing with all levels of stand-up student because of her extensive professional performing experience, but her level of empathy and emotional connection with the personal experiences of her students is what truly makes Bobbie one of a kind. She can surgically identify areas of need in the performing styles of her students, but workshops possible improvement scenarios without hammering or demeaning anyone. Bobbie builds up your own process instead of tearing it down and replacing it with another.

Bobbie's class provides no pressure or stress, but does offer plenty of healthy introspection, suggestions, and solutions for comedians aiming at the improvement they can't quite put their own fingers on."


Christopher B Duncan

"I've taken Bobbie's class, six times now, and that's because she's tops as a
Stand Up coach! Her ability to take a joke from so so to funny, or from good to great, is always reliable. I'm always impressed with her attention to detail regarding the inclusion of a particular word, or the rejection of it...and
suddenly the rhythm of that joke, is completely different, and effective. She's like a jazz musician, in that, her ear is finely tuned to the way in which the musicality of a joke or story, is received. The fact that she's a talented comic as well, provides for current knowledge in the comedy world. Most importantly, I appreciate her desire to deal with comics as individuals! She allows for each comic's unique voice to're not limited to cookie cutter techniques."



Phil Woods
A Webcam Session my Wife Approved of

I have been writing comedy for many years now, starting out in 1992. The only comedy I have performed has been sketch comedy, and never live (apart from in my High School drama class). I love the idea that I can be creative in my writing and then I can film it, using as many takes as needed. This is the beauty of my comedy career to date, numerous delete buttons. Then in early 2014, I decided to see if I could transfer my writing skills into a stage performance and booked my first ever stand-up gig.

I had been following Bobbie for a while, and she followed me too (not like a pair of confused pathetic stalkers) on Twitter, I have no idea how we found each other, but I am glad that we did.

I was nervous about my first performance, so approached Bobbie about having a one on one session (I need to be careful, I fear I am heading into 'Carry On' film territory in this review), the only issue was our geographical locations. I am living in the United Kingdom and Bobbie, as you all know, lives in the country that stole our language. That was all fine, Bobbie is set up to be able to run her tutorials via Skype. Bobbie asked me to go through the short (9 minute) routine without stopping, she wanted me to do it as if I was performing. During this time, Bobbie was obviously making notes and occasionally I would hear a giggle. When I finished my routine, Bobbie went through it joke by joke, pointing out the best way to deliver each punchline, how to shorten jokes etc. The most amazing thing though, was when she broke certain jokes into two, she had discovered moments when I was being funny without knowing it. As a writer, it was incredible that someone could find two jokes in one. I suppose that with Bobbie helping it was kind of like, 'Write one joke, get one free'.

I felt really comfortable throughout the session, she was open and honest, pointing out things I had never thought about. Bobbie is truly an artist, she knows how to make a good joke great. There is an art in delivering jokes, and without Bobbie's help, I'd never have learnt that art.

I like to be totally honest and have to say that stand-up isn't really for me, I love writing too much. I also love that comfort of a video recording. However, I would recommend everyone, experienced or not, to make use of Bobbie's services. If your jokes and performance are worth $500 at the moment, invest in a session or two with Bobbie and they'll sky rocket in value. I am confident when I say, you will increase your audience laughs, simply by spending half an hour in the company of Bobbie.

A great professional, a very talented comedian, a good friend and best of all, she let me keep my trousers on for the Skype session!

Axl Dang
College Student

"Meditation and living in the now is big part of Bobbie’s comedy teachings. She really emphasizes it to all of her comics. Before every class begins, we all meditate... breathing quietly and focusing on the Now. I've taken Bobbie’s meditation techniques with me for other purposes than comedy shows. I had my first job interview, and I was really nervous before going in. I remembered what I had learned in class and how meditating helps calm me down before I do comedy, so why not try it for a job interview? I closed my eyes and breathed. I became in the Now. I walked into the interview room and killed it! I ended up getting the job and am actually getting rehired for it next year! Bobbie has changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. Whether it be for comedy, confidence, or just an amazing change in your life, this is the class to take."


Patrick Hanifin

“After doing comedy for 20 years I decided to take a class taught by Bobbie Oliver.  My comedian friends couldn't understand why I would do this. I had heard such good things about Bobbie's class, though, that I wanted to give it a try. She taught me to get more of myself into my act, become more real, and gave me a lot to think about. I learned so much that I took it again... along with five of my comedian friends! They're getting just as much out of it as I am.”


Rhune Kincaid

"I was worried that Stand-Up Academy might not work for me since I am a musical comedian. I shouldn't have been. Bobbie's advice transcends genre and cuts to the funny. Her teachings were equally effective when being applied to my songs and spoken material and would benefit anyone who wants to work well with words in any capacity. Thanks, Bobbie!"


Jeff Morris

“Living in Fresno, I had a 250 mile drive (one-way) to class. Bobbie’s class was worth every mile, every hour and every weekend! I’ve been performing magic for 35 years and know the secrets of magic. Bobbie has taught me the secrets of comedy. In magic circles we had a teacher, Dai Vernon, who was the “Professor of Magic”. Bobbie Oliver is the “Professor of Comedy”. If you’re a seasoned pro, or a comedy greenhorn, Bobbie will help you hone your craft.”


Cat Davis
Love Maker

“I've done improv and sketch comedy for years, but stand-up, being out on stage alone with just your funny to protect you, always seemed too intimidating. Bobbie's class is fantastic, because you don't just learn about stand-up, you DO stand-up. Bobbie is funny, professional, encouraging and supportive. She is the teacher you need.”

Robbie Pickard

“In 8 weeks, Bobbie Oliver turned me into a comic. She is a comedy guru, and is nice enough to share her knowledge with us. When you take this class, you are getting much more than just a comedy class. You get a family network of hundreds of comedians, who in turn help you book shows and find inside info that no one else can offer.”


Grace Fraga

“I had been doing comedy for 4 years when I took Bobbie's class. She has helped me with ‘trimming the fat’ off of my material and with my comedic timing. Because of Bobbie, I have moved to the next level. Thanks Bobbie! You ROCK!”


Richard Chang

"What can I say? Bobbie doesn't tell you what you're doing wrong, but rather reinforces what you're doing right. I had a huge fear of doing standup, especially after my first horrific attempt. It took a while and Bobbie's help to get out of my shell. We had two showcases and they were both sold out! Performing for 200 people was a thrill of a life time. After our showcase, I got booked right away for Comedy Time Latino! Thanks Bobbie! I will always be in a debt of gratitude."


Courtney Ca

“I've been doing stand up comedy for three years. After taking Bobbie's class I've actually moved up several notches on the seasoning ladder that all comedians have to climb. Bobbie gives encouragement and instruction without belittling or patronizing one's already fragile ego. She has helped me so much that when I accept my Oscar or Emmy or Tony she will actually be named as someone who helped me rise to stardom!!!”


Yashar Kafi

"Doing stand-up is a big challenge if English is not your first language. However, I was extremely lucky to have Bobbie as my teacher. She made a tremendous difference in my work. She creates a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable to perform. Besides you will become part of a comedy family where you can take your act to the next level."


Tom Vrab
Professional Idiot

"Standup comedy in general is one of the most terrifying things to start doing...regardless if you're an actor or have done theater.... but I must stress that Bobbie finds the talent in you and over the period of her class truly ‘unleashes the beast’!! Bobbie shows you, that 'YOU' is all you really need for standup and in fact is the best way to tackle it!!! This class will help you in ANYTHING you're going for in life! Thanks again Bobbie...oh and you're sexy:)!"


Kate Roxburgh

“Bobbie is the best teacher I've ever had. I'm an actor so I've taken plenty of classes. Bobbie works with everyone individually, giving them confidence, great writing tools and most importantly - time on stage every week with the mic. This class changed my life, and Bobbie manages to pull something funny out of everyone. Bobbie is funny, compassionate and inspiring - I will definitely be taking this class again.”


Yakety Yak
Cereal Eater

“I only have two words to describe Bobbie Oliver and her class. She is the most awesome, nice, encouraging, caring, understanding, Southern, sweet gal you'll ever meet probably ever, ever, ever! She lets you spread your wings and a beautiful pigeon! Now I have a question for you! How come you haven't taken the class yet, and where's your rubber chicken? It will all make sense in time...”


Scott Shimamoto
Home Mortgage Consultant

"Bobbie is a great coach!  If you listen to her feedback, she provides the tools that you will need to become a great comedian.  I should have taken this class when I first thought about doing comedy!"


Lucy Craig

“Bobbie's classes are great for everyone! If you're a beginner, she will show you the ropes. If you are already established, she will make you even better. The classes are supportive and encouraging whilst at the same time giving you the constructive criticism you need to make the best of your material. Highly recommended!!!”


Bob Schembre

“Beyond the set-up & punch, Bobbie teaches you timing, rhythm, and execution. She does this in an environment where young & old, conservative & liberal, Yankee & Confederate, and people of every race and creed can debate through comedy and become good friends doing so - I've made many; for this experience alone, I am a better comic. I wear my rubber chicken with pride!”


Billy Lloyd

"Being one of the youngest comics in Bobbie’s class I wasn’t sure if I would be able to meld into the mix with the other, more experienced, matured comics. But Bobbie’s class is more than just a teacher’s a team."


Evan Dagger

"I came, I laughed, I killed, I came... What else do you want?!?!"


Tommy Stewart

"The bottom line is that Bobbie took me from thinking I was a standup comic to KNOWING I was! Enrolling in a Standup Academy class is the best decision you'll ever make for your comedy career. All Hail Bobbie."



Virginia Ramos

“I've been having a fabulous time taking Bobbie's class. Not only have I met some awesome people, but it's also kept me off the couch at some psychiatrist’s office! Taking this class has improved my presentation skills, a requirement for my other 24-hour career, real estate! And then of course, Bobbie is the best teacher in town!! Remember, it's never too late to be the person you were meant to be!”




Drew Volle

"I was worried about taking Bobbie's class due to the horror stories I'd heard about comedy teachers ripping away your soul and giving you a formula that works perfectly... in the 1950's. Today's comedy world demands uniqueness. And it is Bobbie's ability to take 15 different students and transform them into 15 unique comedians that makes her one of the few great comedy teachers working today. Are you unique? Why should your comedy be any different?"


Carl Kozlowski,
Winner of "America's Funniest Reporter"

"I've been performing standup for over 10 years, many times professionally, but always felt I was creatively blocked from really taking my writing and stage presence to the best level it could be. Bobbie Oliver asked me what I wanted to do with my standup if I could do anything, and she made me realize that my best possible performances were both possible to achieve and worth reaching for. By the time of the graduation show, I felt I could do anything I wanted and had the best show of my life to boot. It is the best time and money you will ever invest in your standup career."


Marty Spiwak
Plumbing contractor
Starving comic

“Bobbie is the total package. I've learned so much and she has so much enthusiasm with all of us, is very encouraging, and just keeps you going. I have met the nicest bunch of people you'd ever want to meet. You truly feel connected.”


Lu Ann


“I’ve got nothing but praise for Bobbie Oliver’s class. She’s a great stand up/writer/teacher, the classes are conveniently scheduled and located, and the graduation shows are THE BEST!  It’s simply the best place I’ve come across to run new material and get ideas to improve the stuff you’ve got. Everybody is super supportive. The price is really great given all you get! Just do it!”


Paula L. Johnson

"I've been a writer for more more than 25 years, and I took the class—on a whim—to learn to write the classic set-up/punchline. I had absolutely no intention of getting on stage, but by the third or fourth class, I started wondering how an audience would react to my material. (Note: they laughed and loudly.) Comedy doesn't just happen. The process of looking inward and outward for material, writing and revising (and revising) jokes, grouping jokes into "chunks," and organizing "chunks" into a smooth, cohesive act is skill set that can be learned. Bobbie Oliver is just the woman to teach you. You will never find a more nurturing, yet challenging, environment than The Standup Academy. Break a leg!"


Tim Chizmar

Comedian/actor/radio personality

"I have been performing stand up comedy now for over a year after having gotten started by taking an Improv Comedy Class. The class I took before was good but once the class was over, it was every person for themselves in this tough world of entertainment. That’s not the case with Bobbie Oliver's class. Taking her class is just the beginning of a great relationship with someone who truly knows the inside workings of the comedy industry. Bobbie has been one of the best comedy coaches I've ever worked with. Your success is her success."


Patrick Reid

“I have done stand up comedy before, but once I had Bobbie's guidance and sexual innuendos I was able to forge out an actual act, and make people *gasp* laugh. So there you have it, Bobbie is the best lay in town, and she’s a pretty good comedy teacher too!”


Brooke Baumer

"Doing stand-up was always a dream of mine.  Being an actor, I thought it would be a piece of cake.  WRONG!  But, with Bobbie's help, I learned to find my own voice and to trust myself on stage.  She is wonderfully positive and really goes out of her way to create a safe environment in order to learn.  And the opportunities she creates for her students to take the craft to the next level are second to none."


Jim Coari
Actor, College Professor

“Bobbie’s class offered far more than I expected. Not only did she teach and encourage us, but she provided a number of opportunities for us to test our craft in comedy venues throughout the L.A. area. And of course, our final big show was to a packed house in the main room at the famous Ice House. You can’t beat that!”


Alan Lee
Comic Actor

“I was able to return to stand-up after feeling creatively frustrated for some time. Bobbie helped me get a flow going again in an amazingly short time. She performed with the class at a number of venues in Hollywood. She conducted our routines like a virtuoso symphony conductor allowing us to play our instruments to the last laugh and giggle in the house. Thanks Bobbie!”


David Willis

“I am SO enjoying the class – it’s a very nurturing environment and Bobbie has the rare gift of being able to critique whilst still being able to give people a boost. She’s amazing. Thank you, Bobbie, for creating the perfect environment in which students are not afraid to fail.”


Kellie McDonald

“Whether you're a beginner or advanced, Bobbie's class helps raise your act (and your confidence) to the stratosphere! I think Bobbie's class is the best reason to skip church on Sunday!”


Victor Vega
Comedian/Voice Over

“I just finished Bobbie’s comedy class it was killer! Great learning experience! She has tons of info, is a great teacher, funny, cute and ALL THAT! Sign up now and be a contender!”



“When you join Bobbie Oliver's class, you join a very rich and diverse family of comedians who will be totally supportive and dedicated to helping you become better at this illusive craft. I have seen her work equally well with extreme newcomers on up to seasoned, professional veterans. Her grad nights are the best shows in town with literally standing room only at the very prestigious and accommodating Ice House. Bobbie provides the safest of atmospheres to learn to fly and spread your wings. I know I’m a better performer as a result of her class and I have some great new friends. I encourage you to come and see what all the fun is about.”


Sally Mullins

“Bobbie Oliver seems to have the hottest comedy class in LA. Her shows are fun to MC, professionally done and have industry in the house. She is the kind of person who can make good things happen for her class.”


Jimmy Younan

“At first this class was cool, and then I got groupies. Wow! Probably the funnest thing I have ever done. You travel in herd to events, and have the best teacher money can buy. Your teacher is a huge flirt also, not too shabby right? By the way Bobbie, I lust for you!”


Arlene Nicoletti

“Not only did Bobbie's class help me find my ‘funny’ again, it re-ignited my life and rocked my world. I met great people, made great friends, and even had some great dates with a couple of hot guys. Wow, what a class!"



“Bobbie Oliver’s teaching style is a lesson in free will and a true liberation of any comedic aptitude you may have inside of you. She lets the student "be" funny and then gently guides that person to a well- honed comedy act. By the 6th week we were all laughing so hard at all of our acts that it was hard to believe that we had been listening to the same people. Plus the opportunity to practice and perform at a world-class comedy club such as the Ice House is worth the price of her class alone. I went from "not really sure if I could do it, but wanted to give it a try," to "I'll stand up in front of any crowd any size any time and I'll make them laugh." Don't just give her a try: Pray she still has openings for her class.”


Alice DiPirro
Business Owner

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for Bobbie's class. My motivation was to improve my self-confidence and public speaking skills. Bobbie instantly knew what was funny about me and she showed me how to embrace that. She coached me from being totally terrified, to being not only able to perform on stage, but to kick ass!”


Michael Tom
Advertising Executive
Clear Channel

 “I am in advertising sales and take enjoyment from making presentations and ‘painting’ pictures for my audience to understand and accept.  What the comedy class has provided were skills necessary to improve my delivery of not only comedy but any and all ideas I want to express to my target audience.”


Felix Guo
Radio Announcer

“This class is a confidence builder, a public speech training ground, a mind-opening experience, and a rare opportunity for self-discovery. Above all, comedy is cool!  Before the comedy class, I was this nice Asian guy making a living by speaking Chinese on the radio, but now I am a cool Asian guy who’s making people laugh by speaking English!”


Electrical Engineer

"If there's a standup comedian hiding inside of you, this class will bring him or her out. You'll also get the opportunity to enhance your public speaking skills in a remarkably friendly and supportive environment. Plus it's fun as &@*%!"


Tom Demaio

“As a SAG member for 13 years, I have taken countless courses and this is the only class I would ever take twice.  Whether your goal is to begin a career in comedy or to improve your public speaking skills, this class is an invaluable tool for everyone.”


Jim Lee
Marketing & Sales

“Where do I begin?  I took a class about 4-5 years ago, did one show and let my creative juices wither away until I took Bobbie's class.  Her enthusiasm and willingness to help us after class is what has kept me going and trying to get better.  (Plus, the drugs and orgies were great too!)  All kidding aside, if anyone can help you find your funny, it's Bobbie! I highly recommend her class to ANYONE.”


Nicky Clark
Marketing Director
Rose Hills Memorial Park

“Want to improve your business skills? Think out of the box. I've been to business workshops that promised to improve public speaking skills. But as public spokesperson of the world's largest and busiest cemetery, I found Bobbie's stand-up comedy course immeasurably better.”


Nate Hansen

 “I joined the class to overcome the frustrations in my daily life.  Bobbie helped me ‘find the funny’ and look at life in a different way.  Now I look at every situation with a smile, realizing that it will probably be in my act.  Always carry that notebook!”


Eric Althoff

“As someone who has wanted to try standup since the age of 14, I found this class not only informative, but fun, educational, and incredibly communitive.  Ms. Oliver's guidance has created an atmosphere of comedy free-flow and confidence in her students.  And the bonds forged between the students in my class will last a lifetime.”


Sylvia Mendoza
Retired secretary in education

 “I am recovering from my hip replacement surgery and doing well.  The class really helped me get through a rough part of my life. Pain had become my constant companion. Laughter is the best medicine! I am now a ‘stand up comic’ and BIONIC! Having recently retired as a secretary for 24 years, this class opened a new avenue for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed every class and appearing at the Ice House with my fellow classmates who were all just great was an ‘out of body’ experience!”


Andrew(Anura) Abeyesinghe
PhD candidate in Physics

 “This class has helped me learn a whole new set of skills and meet a bunch of cool people in the process. I had my thesis proposal presentation two days after the graduation performance, and the class helped greatly. I was a lot more comfortable in front of my audience than I had ever been before.”


Monica Montes
Registered Dietitian / Owner
N.E.W. Health Salud Nueva

 “Laughter is the best medicine.  I've given many lectures and consults to allied health professional and private clients, none more effective than those that start and end with laughter.  This comedy class helps you work on presentation skills, like skimming the unnecessary and focusing on key points.  Knowing how one is perceived by the audience is priceless.  These skills help make serious topics light, especially when they are personal and in my case, affect ones' health.   I found that the message is more potent when I can ...make 'em laugh."


Michelle Moon

“Bobbie Oliver is an unfunny white-trash bitch!”



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