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Bobbie featured in LA Weekly!

Pasadena Weekly

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Bobbie interviewed on America's Comedy!

The Rubber Chicken Gazette

Headliner Magazine

The Ice House

StandUp Academy on the
cover of Pasadena Weekly


Bobbie on “Laff It Off With Grace”

Episodes 1 & 2

Episode 3
Episode 4




Campus Times

Bobbie mentioned and pictured in Maria Bamford article

Bobbie in Pasadena Now

Eagle Rock Comedy Festival

La Jolla Comedy Store

Louisville Improv

Palm Beach Improv

Miami Improv

Bobbie in the New York Post

Bobbie's EPK


Laugh Stub

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Bobbie’s Cover Story in Pasadena Weekly

Read an interview with Bobbie about humor in the workplace from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune

StandUp Academy was recommended in the Pasadena Weekly article "Building a Better Man"

Bobbie on the Comedy Caravan site

Bobbie on the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club site

Bobbie on the Flappers Comedy Club site

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Bobbie on the Ice House Comedy Club site

Bobbie interviewed:
Bringing Comedy to 'Mayberry'

Bobbie interviewed:
Comedy and a Good Sandwich

Maria Bamford recommends Bobbie Oliver as a comedian to watch

Bobbie on Y Screen

Bobbie on Y Screen

World of Comedy


Rooftop Comedy

Listen to Bobbie on LA Talk Radio’s
Random Talk

Listen to Bobbie on L.A. Talk Radio’s
“Grand Theft Audio” show

Listen to Bobbie on L.A. Talk Radio’s
 “Going Commando”

Listen to Bobbie on Dork Forest Podcast

Bobbie on Cat on the Prowl with Cat Davis

Bobbie on Laff it Off With Grace:
Episode #1
Episode #2
Episode #3
Episode #4

Bobbie on the Improv site

Bobbie Oliver and Marc Maron in
Highland Park Patch

Headliner Magazine

Bobbie gets rave review in Under the Gun's Stand-Up Tuesdays


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